K-12 COVID-19 Relief Funding Explained

Live Webinar

Recently, $82 billion of COVID-19 relief funding was approved to go to K-12 schools in the U.S. If leveraged efficiently, this funding could help your school or district get its engagement, attendance, test scores and learning experience back on track. Register now to save your spot!

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This webinar will cover



The basics of the new COVID-19 relief funding


Rules around eligibility and how the funding can be spent


Recommendations on how to spend the funding to maximize its impact and ROI, particularly through technology



Live questions from you and other attendees


Will Reid, SYNNEX Corporation

Education Program Manager, Business Development

Brent Odom, SYNNEX Corporation

Manager of Government Policy, Funding, & Affairs

Ken Grover

Former Educator and National Education Consultant


About BridgeTek

BridgeTek is a leader in IT solutions specializing in the education sector. With decades of experience servicing this market, we understand the state of the industry, where it’s going, and how to deliver innovative, scalable, and cost-effective total solutions for districts and schools.

We believe in the importance of improving learning and teaching environments, and we have the expertise to help schools do so through technology. We’re well-versed in available relief funding and know how to leverage it to advance your school systems. Our high client retention rate, which spans several decades, underscores our ability to help schools adopt technology effectively and resolve complex issues with best-of-class products and unmatched design, consulting, engineering, and support services.